Pastor’s Musings

Pastor’s Musing from Jude 2:

The invitation is to the sanctified, preserved, and called in Jesus Christ: vs. 1.
“Mercy unto you, and peace and love, be multiplied”, vs 2.
 Or paraphrased; mercy, peace, and love, unto you are multiplied.

Your new spirit [the new creation] created after God in [His] righteousness and true holiness is perfect and complete, Eph. 4:24.  The new spirit will never be more complete even in eternity. “He that is joined unto the Lord is [today] one spirit”, I Cor. 6:17.

It seems I cannot enjoy multiplied; mercy, peace, and joy, until/or as my mind is renewed; [mind] my intellect, will, and emotions, [i.e. soul]; it must join in agreement with my new spirit, Rom. 12:2.

Your inner man [i.e. spirit] must control your soul by you bringing [by your choice] every thought, or stronghold, or imagination, or high thing, that has exalted itself against the knowledge of God. You must bring the above into the captivity and obedience of Christ.  The weapons to be used are; spiritual, supernatural, and mighty; they were downloaded to you, along with the privilege of speaking with authority using Jesus’ name, II Cor. 10: 4-5.
Then mercy, peace, and love unto you will be multiplied. You will enjoy the reality and the benefits thereof.

  • Peace; that passeth understanding … Jesus said, my peace I give unto you, John 14:27.
  • Love; for all including your enemies … Jesus said, “love your enemies,” Matt. 5:44;
  • The example, I John 4:19, “We love Him, because He first loved us”.
    God loved us when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, Rom. 5:8.
  • Mercy; is extended to you, mercy [multiplied] as you are merciful, Matt. 5:7.

The invitation, the call, is fulfilled and multiplied unto you as you live in Christ Jesus.