New Here


As you peruse the pages of this web-site or enter the sanctuary of CHM please recognize our welcome that is extended to you. This welcome also includes an invitation as follows:

  • We will encourage you to be edified [your spiritual house be constructed while resting on the chief corner stone] Jesus.
  • We will exhort you to accept His invitation to enjoy intimate fellowship with your Lord and Savior. This fellowship is: partnership, participation, communion, in one spirit with Him, I Cor. 6:17.
  • The welcome and invitation would include, that you partake of: His comfort, His peace, His joy, His Faith, and His righteousness that He is ever extending to you.

Jesus tells us; “Follow Me”, John 12:26:

  • “If you serve Me, follow Me”, this doesn’t include an invitation for you to steer.
  • “Where I am, there shall my servant be”, you are to be with Him in your appointed place.
  • “If any man serves me”, reminds us that we are not in the service of self.
  • The promise, “him will my Father honor”, God will; esteem, favor, and bless you

    As you follow the Lordship of Jesus you will, or have entered, the realm of the Holy Spirit. You have, or will be, filled with the guide into all truth and empowered for His service.

    Questions will be answered, revelations of the Holy Spirit will be revealed, such as: John 6:28-29.
  •  “What shall we do that we might work [the one work] the works [plural] of God”.
  •  Jesus answered.
  •  “This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent”.
  • To believe on Him results in: following Him, serving Him, being where He is, then this becomes therefore the root of all our activity.

    We welcome you to glean from the following pages, expect to make your fellowship with the Lord, intimate and very personal.

    Pastor Lynn Winans